Who we are?


Culinary Institute of Europe offers a two semesters long professional culinary training program.

CIE Jobs Department was founded in order to support both CIE graduates and other professionals.


 We seek to connect professionally trained, committed individuals to luxurious restaurants and hotels across Europe. 

To business owners:

We offer you a tailored solution for finding your most suited, professional, committed team members.


BOH personal

Chefs from Commis to Executive level, Kitchen Porter, Dishwasher,


FOH personal

Waiter, Cocktail Waiter, Hostess, Commis, Barback, Bartender, Bar Manager, Restaurant Manager, Supervisor

All applicants selected through our comprehensive application process

Interviewed by experienced hospitality professionals

We understand the industry and our team has over 30 years of experience operating restaurants and running kitchens.

Personality test

Each position, each workplace require different skills. We aim to know our applicants as deep as possible to find a job where they can live up to their full potential.

Drug test (optional)

If the employer requires we can provide drug test to our applicant.

Theoretical test (food and beverage knowledge, etiquette, health and safety)

Custom made for each position, applicants fill out a test about their knowledge of wine and spirit, coffee, kitchen technique and ingredients, etiquette and service standards including basic health and safety questions.

The tests are offered via our online education platform, which is transparent and readily available for employers to see their future employees knowledge on relevant topics.

English oral and written test

Depending on the desired position all of our applicants goes through an English language personal interview and a written test, specified to the industry standards.

The opportunity of test cooking in our kitchen

Chefs from Sous Chef level can be tested in our kitchen judged by our teachers and culinary professionals. Live video streaming also available.

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To job seekers:

Apply today if you want to be part of an elite team!


We help you to find a job where you can thrive and what is the best suited for your skills and personality.

We provide help and education from the first steps.

C.I.E. Jobs helped us tremendously finding the right applicants for the open positions. Saved us a lot of time and energy.​"

Mark C. Restaurant owner,
Sliema, Malta

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