2016: Culinary Institute of Europe was founded by chef Maki Stevenson. We launched the 1-year program in Hungarian, in September 2016.

2017: Maki Stevenson appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan as Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine in 2017. 

2017: Maki Stevenson was appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan as Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine. 

2018: We started the French pastry workshop, a 35 hours long pastry program in English. 

2020: We launched the Culinary Arts Program in English. 

Maki Stevenson

CEO and Founder of C.I.E.

"The course will give you insight into both the theory and practice of professional cooking. You will learn various basic techniques of cooking, frying, roasting and baking, and will be able to use them with confidence. "

Stephane Gerphagnone

Stephane was born in the south of France, in Provence.  He loved his grandmother’s cakes and pastries, so he followed his passion and became a pâtissier. He graduated from Compagnon Tour de France in Lyon, and has worked in Paris, Melbourne and London in hotels, bakeries and private clubs.  After he moved to Budapest in 2007, he started to work as the chief pastry chef in the newly opened Lukács Cukrászda. He has worked together with Lajos Takács in the Olimpia restaurant. He has been the head pastry chef for La Praliné and á table! for many years. 

Zsófia Nábelek

Zsófia is a pastry chef, together with Stephane Gerphagnon she is teaching at CIE's French pastry workshop. She started to learn about desserts under the guidance of one of the best Hungarian pastry chefs László Mihályi. She started to work at Desszertszalon in Vác then continued at Kistücsök in Balatonszemes. While being graduated in communication she is also active in gastro media. She has been a contributor to print and online magazines such as Dining Guide, Nosalty, and Magyar Konyha. Zsófia has been the correspondent at the Lyon Bocuse d’Or several times. In summer 2017 she staged at Daniel Berlin’s restaurant (Krog) in Skåne-Tranås, Southern Sweden.

Logan Strenchock

Logan is a researcher and Environmental and Sustainability Officer at Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. His research focuses on community based sustainability transition initiatives, short food supply chains and resilient agricultural systems, and Degrowth inspired social movements. He is also a co-founder  of Cargonomia, a sustainable urban logistics and local food distribution center in Budapest, and a garden team member at Zsámboki Biokert, an organic and biodynamic vegetable farm in Zsámbok. He has gained experience as a researcher and participant in the development and implementation of transparent and localized food networks in the United States and Central Europe.


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