2016: Culinary Institute of Europe was founded by chef Maki Stevenson. We launched the 1-year programme in Hungarian, in September 2016.

February 2018: We started the French pastry workshop, a 35-hour-long pastry programme in English. 

COMING SOON: We launch the culinary arts programme in English. 

Maki Stevenson

The international teaching staff of the Institute is headed by chef Maki Stevenson.  With her mother a teacher of cooking, chef Maki gained extensive experience in the kitchen from a very young age. She received her chef diploma from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York. She then immediately started working at the Megu restaurant, a representative of modern Japanese cuisine, then became the chef of the Craft restaurant. After moving to Hungary, she launched her own cooking school, Makifood, in 2007.

Maki Stevenson was honoured by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan as Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine in 2017. 

Stephane Gerphagnone

Stephane was born in the south of France, in Provence.  He loved his grandmother’s cakes and pastries, so he followed his passion and became a pâtissier. He graduated from Compagnon Tour de France in Lyon, and has worked in Paris, Melbourne and London in hotels, bakeries and private clubs.  After he moved to Budapest in 2007, he started to work as the chief pastry chef in the newly opened Lukács Cukrászda. He has worked together with Lajos Takács in the Olimpia restaurant. He has been the head pastry chef for La Praliné and á table! for many years. He is now a freelance creative pastry chef for many pastry shops and restaurants and holds pastry classes in CIE.

Zsófia Nábelek

Zsófia is a pastry chef, together with Stephane Gerphagnon she was teaching at CIE's French pastry workshop. She started to learn about desserts under the guidance of one of the best Hungarian pastry chefs László Mihályi. She started to work at Desszertszalon in Vác then continued at Kistücsök in Balatonszemes. In 2014 she began as an intern at Mák Bistro, where she has been the head pastry for 3 years. While being graduated in communication she is also active in gastro media. She has been a contributor to print and online magazines such as Dining Guide, Nosalty, Táfelspicc (Origo) and Magyar Konyha. Zsófia has been the correspondent at the Lyon Bocuse d’Or several times. In summer 2017 she staged at Daniel Berlin’s restaurant (Krog) in Skåne-Tranås, Southern Sweden.

Áron Erdőháti 

Áron was originally a chef, which led him to several countries in pursuit of experience. Upon returning home, he wanted to switch to something else and became passionate about food photography. He is now one of the best and most sought-after food photographers in Hungary.  He is not known only for his food photos either: his wonderful portraits have graced various magazines. He worked as photographer and editor for Marie Claire Hungary for 4 years and has been a freelancer since 2014.

Brigitta Dávid

Brigitta graduated from the Faculty of Health Sciences of Semmelweis University as a dietitian. She has been working in her own consulting practice since 2014, offering diet planning services, one-to-one consulting and nutrigenomics advice as well as helping client with keeping a food journal. Her extensive knowledge, which she always keeps up-to-date, also allows her to participate in various domestic and international projects.

Klaus Deutschman

Klaus is originally from Austria. During his career, which has spanned a number of countries, he has collected experience in restaurants in Portugal, Cyprus, Austria, Norway and Germany, among others. He has also worked at the Vila Joya restaurant of two Michelin stars. In Hungary he has been a member of the Chateau Visz team, a consultant to Káli Art Inn and the head chef of Kristinus Wine Estate.  He is now a freelance culinary consulatant and holds various classes at CIE. 

Diwan Allen George 

Diwan Allen George was born in Kuwait of Pakistani parents. He arrived to Hungary in 1998 to start his medical studies. He opened his first Indian restaurant in 2001 called Diwan-Tandoori which was a very popular place among Indians living in Budapest. Then he opened Kashmir in Budapest and Debrecen.

Later he moved to London to further improve his knowledge under the guidance of Atul Kochhar-Benares who was the first Indian Michelin-starred chef.

Since he moved back to Budapest, Allen has his own place, called Indian Rooftop Kitchen and cooks for private events.  

Logan Strenchock

Logan is a researcher and Environmental and Sustainability Officer at Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. His research focuses on communityvbased sustainability transition initiatives, short food supply chains and resilient agricultural systems, and Degrowth inspired social movements. At CEU he teaches a course which provides a basic introduction to agroecology and permaculture. He is also a co-founder  of Cargonomia, a sustainable urban logistics and local food distribution center in Budapest, and a garden team member at Zsámboki Biokert, an organic and biodynamic vegetable farm in Zsámbok. He has gained experience as a researcher and participant in the development and implementation of transparent and localized food networks in the United States and Central Europe.

Gergely Salfai-Kovács
Gergely has a diploma in teaching catering. He spent ten years at Hotel Intercontinental in Budapest, and has now been working for six years in the Michelin-star Onyx restaurant - an establishment that has been voted the best Hungarian restaurant several times. Together with his partner, he performs a managerial role in the restaurant. He has also completed the winemaking secondary school in Budafok as well. His passion is coffee and is dedicated to improving the quality of coffee served in restaurants. In his free time he stages in the guest spaces of foreign restaurants with Michelin stars, looking for new ideas. In 2016 in the European qualification ground of the Bocuse D’or, he supervised the serving of competitors’ plates.

Regina Boros

Regina used to live in Spain for three years, only a few kilometres from the then world-class, three-star El Bulli restaurant. That is where her dedication to gastronomy began nearly ten years ago.
She started her gastrowriting career by writing restaurant reviews and the analysis of gastronomy trends and special fields for the DiningGuide portal, for the web site Nosalty and in her own blog. 
Her skills in PR, social media content building and designing campaigns have contributed to the growth of several businesses. 

In 2012 she came up with the idea of Macaron Day, which brought an explosive growth of popularity for macarons in Hungary.  In 2014 she attracted huge media attention as the co-founder of the startup Yummber, a community catering system nicknamed the “Uber of restaurants”. 
She has worked as a communication consultant for various restaurants, chiefly in top gastronomy, and is currently the head of the communication agency of the venture capital firm OXO Labs.

Hajnalka Kropf
Hajni has an MBA degree in economics and teaching. She is currently a senior consultant at Pangea Petény Kft. and provides development services to SMEs, trains and coaches senior managers, develops training systems and is involved in the renewal of the vocational training system. Currently, her dream is to bring back the sustainable production of organic fruits and vegetables to schools and to return small children to healthy eating habits. She also promotes fruits and vegetables grown in Hungary in schools and nursery schools. She is an enthusiastic amateur cook. She teaches business planning to the course participants.

Márton Beck

A child of a stewardess and a sociologist, he has been attracted to gastronomy from a very young age: they were lucky enough to be able to travel a lot, and nearly any trip to another country would start by exploring the local marketplaces. Following family traditions, he graduated as a sociologist, but started to build his own career in the communication industry. He has now been working as a strategic consultant for 10 years, and have worked with numerous organisation, from start-ups to multinational companies. As a communications consultant, one, if lucky, works to support great goals and helps them come to fruition, but at the end of the day, little tangible result is produced. This was the realisation that made him enter the deep waters of culinary arts. As a result, the Padron Tapas Bar was launched in 2013 together with his family. They are still running it together, be it the purchasing of ingredients, the discovery of new recipes or serving their guests.

Imre Végvári 

Member of TED X Danubia organising team, founder of TED x Budaörs, founding partner of MOSAIC Transformation Agency
During the years he has worked in interactive marketing, his client base has included multinational companies, international organisations as well as Hungarian public administration bodies and cultural organisations.
He is the chair of the State Examination Committee at BGF and a consultant in the NET-WORKS programme offered by Kürt Academy. His concepts and projects have won all major awards of the Hungarian communication profession.

Roxie De Angelis 

Food + Emotion + Nostalgia + Ritual = Nutrition
Roxie introduces this equation to every client and class she teaches: "Food can be life changing and changing your life is my passion". Before she became a Holistic Practitioner, she studied aromatherapy spa, colonics, Reiki. Among other programs, Roxie graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Holistic Nutrition and became certified at the Chef Training Program and Basic Health Supportive Cooking at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in NYC.
Cooking is extremely spiritual and an extension of her soul that she wants to extend to you.

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